Thursday, 4 September 2014

Common Type System (CTS)

Common Type System (CTS)
1.Common Type System (CTS) describes a set of types that can be used in different .NET languages in common 
üCTS consists of all common types of all the languages supported by dotnet framework.
üCTS contains datatyes, keyword, enums, methods of all the languages.
üThat is , the Common Type System (CTS) ensure that objects written in different .Net languages can interact with each other
ü For Communicating between programs written in any .NET supported language, the types have to be compatible on the basic level .
2.These types can be Value Types or Reference Types .
üThe Value Types are passed by values and stored in the stack.
üThe Reference Types are passed by references and stored in the heap.
3.Common Type System (CTS) provides base set of Data Types which is responsible for cross language integration.

4.The Common Language Runtime (CLR) can load and execute the source code written in any .Net language, only if the type is described in the Common Type System (CTS)


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