Friday, 14 November 2014

Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Top feature highlights of Visual Studio 2015 Preview include:

·         Ability to create ASP.NET 5 websites that can run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux
·         Integrated support for building apps that run across Android, iOS, and Windows devices with integration of Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (including new iOS debugging and seamless integration with TypeScript) as well as new Visual C++ tools for cross-platform library development
·         Connected Services manager that lets developers discover and consume REST APIs in their applications, including support for Azure Mobile Services, Azure Store, Office 365, and Salesforce
·         Smart Unit Tests (based on the PEX technology developed by Microsoft Research) that analyze code and automatically generate unit tests to describe its behavior
·         New coding productivity capabilities, particularly for C# and VB, built-in integration of the new “Roslyn” .NET compiler platform
·         New language features in C# 6 to reduce boilerplate and clutter in everyday code, and new light bulbs in the editor that bring proactive refactoring and code fixing opportunities
·         Support for breakpoint configuration and PerfTips, both available directly in context in the editor
·         Edit and debug a single set of C++ source code and build it for Android, iOS, and Windows; integrated support for the Clang complier and LLVM optimizer for targeting Android now and iOS “soon”

·         More complete C++ 11 and C++ 14 support, as well as dozens of additional productivity features for C++ developers, including new refactorings, improved “Find in Files,” a Memory Diagnostics tool, and improved incremental builds


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