Thursday, 4 September 2014

Base Class Library

What is Base Class Library -
  Base class library is a Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) standard library available to all the languages supported by dotnet framework..
More details about base class library –
1.The MS.NET Framework Class Library (FCL) includes a huge collection of reusable classes , interfaces, and value types that expedite and optimize the development process and provide access to system functionality. For example its has windows libraries also so that we can easily access windows features like word, power point etc through dotnet applications.
2.All of these classes are logically grouped in to “Namespaces”.
3.The definition of the Namespace is, it is a logical grouping of related classes. That means a namespace contains related classes and those classes are logically grouped. There are thousands of classes in dotnet and those classes are logically grouped in a Namespace.
4.There are lots of namespaces in dotnet and these namespaces are arranged in hierarchical manner. “System” is a namespace which is at top most hierarchy. Under this System namespace all other namespaces are defined.
5.These namespaces contains classes which are as per the object oriented concepts and one can easily play with those as per their needs.


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